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Pure resins and framkincense

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Incense resin and frankincense smoking

In the world of incense, incense resin and frankincense are proving to be very popular. A wide variety of particularly good properties are also attributed to them. Already centuries ago, numerous incense resins were smoked. Most people are already familiar with frankincense from church. Most grandparents also smoked frankincense at Christmas to honour God.


How do you burn frankincense?

Certainly, burning frankincense is easier. However, burning incense in a traditional vessel gives a much more authentic impression. But how else can frankincense be smoked? We will clarify this in the following key points:

-On the charcoal: Smoking on charcoal is quite traditional. The charcoal is lit and the incense is placed on it.
-On the cooker: Here, the pan is simply heated and the incense resin is placed in the pan.
-On the teapot warmer: This is an ideal alternative. Here, simply place the resin on the screen and light the candle underneath.


How do the incense resins work?

There are many different incense resins. The effects of the resins are also different. They also differ in terms of smell. Here are some of the resins and their properties:

-Oincense: There are different varieties of frankincense. In a narrower sense, however, it refers to the incense resin olibanum. It cleanses the room and has a relaxing effect on body and mind. It is also excellent for meditation. The smell is balsamic and fresh.
-Styrax: Styrax is extracted from a tree. This tree grows wild in the Mesopotamian cultures. This liquid resin is put on charcoal and smoked that way. Styrax has a calming and relaxing effect. The smell is floral, sweetish and balsamic.
-Spruce resin: Spruce resin comes from the spruce tree. It is obtained by scratching the bark. The incense resin builds up, has a strengthening and invigorating effect. The smoked resin smells woody and tart.

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