The delivery has arrived, but the garment does not fit? No problem! We offer you 30 days right of withdrawal and thus go beyond the legal regulations. You decide whether you want an exchange or the money back. Use our enclosed return slip or write down the invoice number and your request on a piece of paper, put the slip with the goods in the package and send it to us at "BL Produkte GmbH, Bodenmaiser Str. 18, 94255 Boebrach, Germany".

As we inform in the cancellation policy, we bear the first shipping costs in case of a return. The return shipping costs, i.e. the return shipment from you to us, are payed by you.

However, we or better said Paypal offers the possibility that you get your return shipping costs refunded via Paypal refunded returns.

Paypal kostenloser Rückversand

And that's how it goes:

  1. Activate Paypal refunded returns for your Paypal customer account by clicking on the banner and following the instructions
  2. Conveniently shop at Vehi Mercatus and pay with a Paypal payment method
  3. Return in due time and keep receipt
  4. Request refund from Paypal
  5. Get money back for returns

This service is free of charge and can be used up to 12 times a year with a maximum return charge of 25 Euro each.