Medieval blouse

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Were there blouses in the Middle Ages?

Throughout the Middle Ages, dresses were worn by ladies. Medieval blouses like ours were not known at that time and were accordingly not worn. They are therefore particularly suitable for larps, costumes and much more.
Especially in summer when it is hot, a long dress is often uncomfortable. Medieval blouses are more comfortable to wear and can be combined stylishly.

How can I combine a medieval blouse?

Medieval blouses are very versatile and can be combined with many other items of clothing.
Quite classically, they can be put together with medieval skirts or trousers. Combined with simple jeans, the blouse also creates an admirable vintage look for everyday wear.
With a bodice belt or long belt, you can round off the overall look and at the same time attach a belt pouch for more storage options.
The blouse is also the perfect undergarment for a beautiful bodice waistcoat.
A blouse made of cotton is ideal for summer.