Renaissance sword type Pappenheimer Rapier decoration incl. scabbard
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Pappenheimer Rapier incl. scabbard

This reconstruction of a so-called Pappenheimer rapier has a long, double-edged blade made of spring steel EN45 with a diamond-shaped cross-section and a pointed point. The blades are not sharpened and the continuous blade hinge is screwed to the end of the handle. The complex, elegant swept hilt with S-shaped crossbar and inserted guard plates with round openings is made of mild steel, as is the faceted pommel. The hilt is lined with red velvet and the grip consists of a wooden core with winding of corded steel wire. A wooden scabbard covered with black leather with mouth plate and steel bort band is included. The rapier first appeared around 1500 and remained the favourite sword of the European nobility and high bourgeoisie until the end of the 17th century. This one-handed Renaissance sword with long, narrow blade, pointed point and elaborately designed basket hand guard was primarily designed as a stabbing weapon, but could still be used quite effectively as a cutting weapon. This blank weapon, which was distributed throughout Europe in various forms, was mainly used by the nobility, both for military and civil purposes. It enjoyed great popularity as a fencing, self-defence or dueling weapon and eventually became a status symbol and indispensable accessory in the wardrobe of every nobleman or officer. The Pappenheimer Rapier, which appeared in Germany in the early 17th century, was mainly characterized by two additional openwork parry shells, which provided even better protection for the hand, whether on the battlefield or in a duel. The modern name Pappenheimer goes back to Gottfried Heinrich Graf zu Pappenheim, a German Field Marshal General of the Imperial Army during the Thirty Years' War, who promoted and popularized the use of this particular type of rapier as a sidearm among the officers of his famous cuirassier regiment.

Data Renaissance Pappenheimer

total length: 116 cm
Blade length: 93 cm
Blade width max: 3,2 cm
handle length: 23 cm
Centre of gravity: approx. 12.5 cm before parry
Impact edge: approx. 1 mm
Weight sword: 1450 g
Blade material: spring steel EN45, oil-hardened

Decoration Articles

This sword is a decoration article and not suitable for show fight

general warranty for swords

Our show combat weapons are subject to the legal warranty of two years like all other goods. However, it should be noted that the customer is responsible for providing evidence of defects (e.g. material defects) that were already present at the time of purchase and have not been claimed within 6 months. Complaints after 6 months are therefore often difficult and unfortunate for both sides. An exhibition sword is naturally a wear item. Even the best and most expensive exhibition sword becomes chipped after heavy use, the parry bar can become wobbly and the grip can become loose.  This is normal, because strong forces act on the material. Even with these blades the unlikely case can occur that they break if they are already weakened by several and deep embrasures. These are therefore usually not justified reasons for complaint but normal wear and tear. A used show sword shows signs of use after use.

Item numberVM002441
Category weaponry replicas
Period: Renaissance
Material: carbon steel
Proof of age required: The customer has to be at least 18 years old
weapon type: sword
Verwendungsklasse: decorative
Shipping weight:1,90 Kg