Costumes and Larp dresses

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Fantastic costumes for Larp and market-middle ages

Authenticity or historical accuracy is not always in the foreground, sometimes it may simply be a little fantasy and creativity.

Our garments from the market-middle ages or larp area therefore deviate more or less from historical foundations, cuts and fabrics and focus more on optics than on historical accuracy.

Historical clothes from the Middle Ages are, roughly speaking, ideally made of linen or wool, cut as close as possible to found objects and paintings and, in addition, hand dyed and hand sewn to high standards. High criteria which often leave a more pragmatic impression on the viewer than imaginatively designed costumes, as they are worn in movies or e.g. Larp events.

Our category Market-medieval and Larp dresses deals exactly with this fantastic side of the Middle Ages and offers hisorizing dresses that do not claim to be based on finds. With our selection of fantastic garments nothing stands in the way of your next Larp or market visit.