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Incense accessories

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Find the right smoking accessories.

Smoking is not very complicated. You only need the right smoking accessories. The accessories can be put together according to your tastes. They vary in colour, material and fineness.

Which smoking accessories do I need?

If you want to smoke, you also need the right smoking accessories. Here we explain what you need for smoking.

For smoking on charcoal you need:
- An incense bowl or a small incense burner. The charcoal will be lit in it later.
- Incense sand: The incense sand is placed in the incense bowl, as the sand does not transmit the heat and thus reduces possible burning.
- An incense charcoal to smoke the woods, resins, herbs, etc.
- A pair of tongs to light and move the charcoal.
- A small spoon to be able to measure out the herbs etc.
For smoking on a teapot you need:
- An incense burner with a fine sieve. The sieve is especially important so that the incense can glow on it.
- A candle so that the incense starts to glow at all.
- A small spoon so that you can measure out the herbs etc.
To burn incense you need:
- An incense holder

There are many different ways of burning incense. Accordingly, the accessories you need also vary.