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Viking jewelry

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Viking jewelry - accessories of the early medieval garb


Vikings were Norse seafaring warriors who, usually as young men, broke out of their native "bondage" to seek adventure, fame and fortune far away. Later, like their ancestors, they returned home and ran the economy that was common in their region. They were equally skilled traders, making great journeys and trading goods such as furs, wood, weapons and jewelry with people from different countries.

What did jewelry mean to the Vikings?

Jewelry was an important part of the Vikings. They used their jewelry to express their identity and mark themselves as members of a particular tribe or family. For the Vikings, it Although Viking jewelry had some similarities to other styles of the time, its unique features and motifs made it stand out from the crowd. The Vikings were heavily influenced by their myths and legends in their view of the world. The myths that have been passed down describe what stories were told in royal court society. At the core of the world was Asgard, which lies in the crown of the world ash tree Yggdrasil and is connected to Midrard via the rainbow bridge Bifröst. Asgard was home to the warrior gods, such as Odin, Freyja, Thor and Heimdall.

How to recognize Viking jewelry?

Through Norse mythology, ideas have arisen which have found the place on jewelry again. For example, Odin's ravens Hugin and Munin are widely used. Serpent motifs of the Midgard serpent or Thorshammer are right up front. As knot patterns or simple shapes processed by fine details, the so-called granulation technique are also quite typical. Granulation describes an ancient technique of goldsmithing, in which tiny beads of gold or silver were soldered onto a piece of jewelry. This creates a plastic effect through light and shadow on the jewelry. Likewise, jewelry with runes are very popular. The runes are ancient characters that can stand for numbers, terms or magical signs.

What Viking jewelry was there?

- Chains with pendants or amulets
- Bangles and bracelets
- pearl necklaces
- Finger rings
- brooches
- Fibula chains
- Hair and beard jewelry
- Earrings

What materials did the Vikings use?

Mostly, jewelry was made of bronze or silver. Gold was apparently worn only by wealthy men and women. The poorer people worked simple pieces made of wood or clay. In time, the Vikings