new shop online

27.06.2020 11:58

We are very happy about our new shop design, which allows for better navigation and a better shopping experience.

A better structure and clarity improve the presentation of our growing product range. We have sacrificed some playfulness in the presentation and have achieved an increased usability especially in the presentation on mobile devices.

Faster loading times as well as the improved display of contact options, article lists and the ordering process are very successful, because we assume that shopping at Vehi Mercatus will be even easier and more fun in the future.

We hope you like the new appearance as much as we do and we look forward to your feedback.

Your Vehi Team

picture credits:

Blacksmith on homepage: creator: NejroN / 123RF Standard-Bild

Reenactors camp on homepage: creator: Mario Pampel Postproduction, subject: Baieruther Katzbalgerey

Camp on homepage: creator: Mario Pampel Postproduction

Category pictures for categories do it yourself, arsenal, shoes, garb, camp goods: creator: Mario Pampel Postproduction