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Late medieval fencing sword Satzvey for show fight SK-A

This fencing sword is the result of many years of development by Volker Kunkel, head of the Westcoast-Institute in cooperation and intensive exchange with various very active fencing groups like Zornhau, Stahl-auf-Stahl and other teachers. Volker Kunkel has been teaching amateurs and advanced students in fencing and sword fighting for more than twenty years and has put this long experience as an active fencer and teaching fencing teacher into this sword. This model has a blade made of forged spring steel, which was hardened in an oil bath and then tempered. Furthermore a straight parry element. It has a hardness of 50-52 degrees Rockwell. The blade edges are 2 - 2.5 mm thick. The sword has a blade about 5 mm thick at the middle ridge and is delivered with a rounded, relatively broad tip to be admitted at tournaments. In leading and contact behaviour the sword corresponds to the historical originals as far as possible. Each saber is handmade, but all sabers have nearly the same characteristics in weight, measurements, leading and contact behaviour. They represent a successful combination of function and beauty, both in the hand and visually. Swords like this one are especially developed for people who have far-reaching demands in fencing than just to carry a sword matching the robe. For ambitious fencers, who are interested in the late medieval German and Italian fencing art and are looking for a weapon with which they can also appropriately implement the techniques and combinations of the Old Masters such as Liechtenauer, Thalhoffer, Vadi. The Oakeshott classification is type XVIIIb. In addition to the forging mark in the blade, the sword also carries the West Coast Institute (WCI) approval as a stamp in the parry.

Data Late Middle Ages Sword

total length: 92 cm
Blade length: 73 cm
handle length: 19 cm
Centre of gravity: approx. 5cm behind parry
striking edge: 2-2,5mm
Weight sword: 1200 g
Blade material: spring steel 55Si7 (EN45), oil-hardened

Show fight class A (SK-A)

The blades are made of high-quality steels, excellently balanced and carefully hardened to a high degree of hardness. These sabers are especially suitable for professionals who regularly practice the show fighting hobby and value good quality.

- Hardness grade of the blade: At least 50 HRC
- Blade material goes all the way through to the hinge and is riveted or screwed to the pommel for interchangeable blades, such as Tinker swords
- Light and very handy with a very well balanced centre of gravity
- mostly additionally rounded cutting edge and rounded tip
- Warranty for material defects beyond the legal period, if applicable

general warranty for swords

Our show combat weapons are subject to the legal warranty of two years like all other goods. However, it should be noted that the customer is responsible for providing evidence of defects (e.g. material defects) that were already present at the time of purchase and have not been claimed within 6 months. Complaints after 6 months are therefore often difficult and unfortunate for both parties. An exhibition sword is naturally an object of wear and tear. Even the best and most expensive exhibition sword becomes chipped after heavy use, the parry bar can become wobbly and the grip can become loose.  This is normal, because strong forces act on the material. Even with these blades the unlikely case can occur that they break if they are already weakened by several and deep embrasures. These are therefore usually not justified reasons for complaint but normal wear and tear. A used show sword shows signs of use after use.

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Item numberVM002409
Category weaponry replicas
Period: Late Medieval
Material: carbon steel
Proof of age required: The customer has to be at least 18 years old
weapon type: sword
Verwendungsklasse: show fighting
Shipping weight:1,60 Kg