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Larp clothing and fantastic medieval costumes for men

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Larp, Fantasy & Cosplay Garments

With these 3 terms we associate mainly 2 things:

1.the elaborate, beautiful garments. They cost time, money and a lot of intuition.
2. the variety of characters that can be portrayed.

Our goal is to offer clothing to reenactors and larpers alike. We emphasize the different cuts (like tight or wide), bright colors or plain shades. Short or long. There should be something for everyone. From knee breeches, to landsknecht pants and pants with calf lacing, to simple medieval trousers.

Building an outfit in larp, fantasy and cosplay is very diverse and perhaps challenging.

As a beginner in larp, what is the best way to get started?

First, you should make a basic outline of your character and start small or with the basics. And especially with weapons, armor or costumes you should take your time. That's why it's worthwhile to start a little cheaper at the beginning and gradually get deeper into your character and optimize the garb accordingly.

Do you sew your own robes or buy them?

A good outfit costs time and money. Sewing your own clothes takes time and a lot of intuition, but you can create something very individual. Purchased clothing, on the other hand, requires less intuition and time and can be redesigned at will.

What should you look for when buying garb for larp?

Everyone knows it - black shirt and black pants. The stores offer a variety of colors, which makes role-playing on the field or in the castles much more joyful. A lot can be combined with each other. Give free rein to their creativity and try yourself in this exciting Hobby!