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The doublet - precursor of the vest and fashion in the late Middle Ages.

Doublet is a kind of underjacket of men's fashion and found its way into the civil fashion of the Middle Ages from the 13th century. Waistcoats were available without sleeves as well as with attached sleeves. The doublet itself is not unlike the vest. The pants were attached to the doublet. There was no waistband like today. Thus, the doublet was very much in line with the body-hugging fashion of the late Middle Ages.

What material were doublets made of?

Wool was probably the main material used. The doublet was worn over a linen shirt and was lined with either wool or linen. Especially during the Little Ice Age, the doublet may have been made of wool for warmth. However, there were also linen doublets, which were fashionably interesting, because they were not so thick.

What color was the doublet?

In terms of color, you can see much more variance in doublets than in shirts. The doublet belongs to the outerwear and was fashionably worn with color. Beautiful results can be achieved by making the pubic bib a different color than the doublet. Combined with a nice hat, you get a colorful medieval outfit.