Vehi Mercatus in the daily newspaper

We are very pleased about the article published today in our local daily newspaper of the PNP, the Bayerwaldbote. The occasion was our store opening in Böbrach. Interested online subscribers can read the East Bavaria-wide abridged version here:

Locally published long version:

BL Produkte GmbH
2021-06-17 19:10:00

The contracts are made and the carriage is packed. Here you can discover us on site if the plague does not spoil the festivities. April 21.-24.04.2022        

BL Produkte GmbH

We will be present at these markets for you with our stand in winter 2021.

BL Produkte GmbH

Vehi Mercatus is in the daily newspaper on the occasion of the opening of the store in Boebrach.

BL Produkte GmbH

Want to get the medieval market feeling again? We might have something for you then...

BL Produkte GmbH
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