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Outdoor products new in the range

New year new ways!

We have now expanded the range of our medieval and reenactment store with outdoor products. We feel that these two areas complement each other perfectly, allowing us to offer you a wider variety of interesting products than ever before. From camping gear to hiking gear and everything in between, our new outdoor collection has something for everyone! The best part is that many of these items can actually be useful in medieval settings as well, when authenticity is secondary and functionality is paramount. Plus, just like in reenactment, the philosophy of the bushcraft hobby is to preserve and actively practice the craftsmanship of times past. If you're looking for something special or just want to explore an exciting new world of possibilities, then you should take a look at our expanded range today!

We look forward to providing you with quality outdoor products in the future.

However, we are already planning the expansion of our reenactment and medieval assortment so that all medieval fans can of course continue to get their money's worth and thus expect many new and exciting products from history.

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2023-01-17 09:32:00 / Shop

You will receive an extra 10% discount on already reduced items in our store if you enter the voucher code at checkout. To redeem the voucher you must reach a shopping cart value of 50 €. The voucher

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Learn more about our range expansion and what we have in store for you this year.

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Today it's all about the fashion of the Middle Ages. How did people dress in the Middle Ages? Find out here. What awaits you in this article Clothing in the Middle Ages - women's

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In this article you will learn when the Middle Ages began and many other interesting details from the time of the early Middle Ages.

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