Medieval markets, an outlook

28.06.2020 11:58

The ban on events has hit us unexpectedly. But we are not alone with this and we don't want to complain but rather be happy, because there is a glimmer of hope and more than that.

From end of august on we will be back on medieval market for you!

Where? In Moedling, Vienna! At the medieval market. It will take place on the last weekend of august. We hope to welcome you there :-)

And afterwards? We will see. We don't dare to publish an update of the event list yet. But at least in Austria the ban on events will end at the end of August and with the Gaudium zur Purg in Purgstall and Montur und Pulverdampf in Vienna there will be two events in Austria at the beginning of September and we hope that the situation will allow us to hold these events. And apart from that you will find everything you need about the Middle Ages on!

As soon as we have news for you, we will post them here.