Craft and medieval market Vehi Mercatus - Welcome to the bavarian forest!

Hear ye, hear ye, since Anno Domini 2021 we offer not everyday trade goods in the Bavarian Forest for sale. At Vehi Mercatus you can buy medieval replicas from long ago and all kinds of handicrafts. Blacksmith goods, wooden goods, ceramics, fur and leather goods. In addition, exquisite fragrances and delicacies. Hand-boiled soaps, honey mead & fruit wines and precious incense in our medieval market.

You can find our medieval store at Bodenmaiser Str. 18, 94255 Böbrach, Bavaria.

Usual opening hours of the medieval market in Bavaria

Monday: closed

Tuesday-Friday: 9am-15pm

Saturday: 10am-13pm

or by appointment.

Address: Vehi Mercatus, Bodenmaiser Str. 18, 94255 Böbrach

The plague goes around!
Updated information regarding 7-day incidence and Corona in our medieval store in Lower Bavaria.

Currently, we offer the following purchase option within the permitted:


Please note that any agreed dates are only valid as long as the respective regulation is valid. Since it is not given to us to create or break rules, we can only inform and act to the best of our knowledge and belief. Discussions are not desired and idle.

For all opening forms, the applicable hygiene regulations such as FFP2 mask must be worn correctly and distance must be maintained.

Important note about the assortment in our medieval market

Please note that not all items we offer online can be viewed in our store. As a rule of thumb:

Specified max. delivery time up to 4 days: idR. available on site.

Specified max. delivery time > 4 days: idR. only available on request on site.

Is your way to the medieval market Vehi Mercatus really far?

Do not despair! Our craft and medieval market is located in the heart of the Bavarian Forest. Why not combine your visit to our medieval store with a day trip in our beautiful homeland! Also for trips of several days you will find a wide range of accommodation in Böbrach and Bodenmais as soon as we are saved from the plague by God's grace.

Excursion tips for families in the Bavarian Forest

Tips for excursions in the Bavarian Forest

We could go on with this list, but we are not a travel guide, we just want to show you a few of the many possibilities of our vacation region to give you an incentive for a little escape from everyday life in the form of an excursion or vacation.

We look forward to your visit to the craft and medieval market Vehi Mercauts.

Your Vehi team