Larp shirt, tabard and more. Medieval outerwear for men.

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Shirts and Outerwear for Larp, Fantasy & Cosplay from Vehi Mercatus

Here we offer a variety of outer garments. Especially in the area of Larp we set out to offer a good selection for as many characters as possible - whereby we also pay attention to the quality of our products and still try to stay cheap. From a beautiful embroidered tunic, to a tabard, to a simple medieval shirt. In sizes from S to XXXL. A variety of bright and simple colors you can discover on these pages.

Which shirt to wear for Larp?

Besides the external factors, the comfort of the clothes definitely counts. At larp events, you often spend a whole weekend, which is often associated with a lot of action. In addition, you should consider the seasons, i.e. summer and winter, and dress accordingly. In winter, it is worth layering your clothes. Such as with an under tunic, an over tunic, and a coat. In summer, on the other hand, fabrics such as linen prove their worth, as they are very permeable to air and durable. In addition, they absorb the moisture of the body, which makes you feel dry skin.

Historically accurate representation in larp?

For an authentic in the field of Larp, Fantasy & Cosplay you should consider a few things. However, with some tricks you can already avoid gross mistakes. Zippers, Velcro or snap fasteners should be well covered with another piece of clothing or do without them altogether. Hooks, ribbons or a drawstring on the waistband would help here. Clothing made of synthetic material is not suitable because it looks involuntarily modern. In general, however, information is the trump card for presentations with a historical reference. A basic research on literature about the intended representation offers a good insight and helps to choose the clothes appropriately.