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Incense made of woods, resins and herbs

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The world of incense

 There are many different substances for spiritual incense. These include resins, woods and herbs. These have different effects on our body and mind. In the following we answer questions about incense.

What do the different types of incense do?

Already thousands of years ago, people burned incense for various reasons. Priests used their incense to make contact with deities, shamans used it to fall into a trance, seers put themselves into ecstasy.
Today's science shows that the process of burning incense releases certain substances which we inhale and which thus enter our bloodstream. Burning incense, for example, releases the substance "Boswellia", which has a relaxing effect. Frankincense is therefore also used as a treatment for depression and anxiety disorders.  Thus, they can affect and change our mood.  The various incenses can use these substances to loosen our mental blockages and transform and remove the bad energies.

What types of incense are there?

Incense is much more than just incense. They include the many different substances that can be smoked.

- Resins: These are obtained by artificially injuring a tree. When the bark is scratched, resin comes out, which is collected in a container and later simply burns. Frankincense, for example, is the resin
- Woods: Woods can also be smoked well. Those that contain many essential oils and resins are particularly suitable. The oils and resins provide the effect and the scent.
- Herbs: As with the woods, herbs with essential oils are suitable for burning on the charcoal or on the teapot. The herbs are collected for this purpose and then dried.
- Blends: There are many different mixtures of the resins, woods and herbs together. Mixed together, they produce a completely new scent and different effects.
- Incense sticks: The incense sticks are often complex in their production. Water, binder, various herbs etc. are kneaded into a mass, rolled onto a stick and then dried over a long period of time.
So there is a whole handful of choices of what to use for spiritual incense.