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Why should you use a horn comb?

The horn substance has the positive and extraordinary property of being antistatic. This means that your hair will not become charged when brushing with a horn comb. The teeth made of the material are also compatible with the hair structure, as the surface is smooth. This also prevents roughening of the hair structure. The fine teeth detangle the hair and can contribute to a beautiful, shiny and healthy hair.



A needle made of horn

Our horn needle is perfect for needle tying. Unlike wood, a needle made from the horn substance is slightly heavier and feels smoother. With wood in particular, the rough surface can get wedged in with the structure of the wool, which means that you can't get through the wool as well as with a needle made of horn. It is very stable and can also be reground or rounded off by itself. In this way, you can adapt the needle to your own needs when needle-tying.

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