German Rondel Dagger, Panzerbrecher w. Sheath, 15th c.
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German disk dagger or armor crusher incl. leather sheath of the 15th century

This disk dagger or armor breaker was developed after the originals of the German disk daggers, which were dated to the 14th and early 15th century. It was not only used in the late Middle Ages, but remained popular until the Renaissance. They were carried by simple farmers and traders, as well as by lansquenets and heavily armed knights.
This dagger has the shape of a panzer crusher (or also called a tank piercer). It was designed to pierce textile and chain mail armour or to pierce through the gaps in the armour. For this reason this weapon was perfectly suited for close combat.
Armor piercers were usually not sharpened, but the blade tapered so much that it resembled a needle.

It was made from a strong steel blade, which tapered down to the tip. The handle consists of plate-shaped discs on the parry, pommel and center ring, which were made of brass. The grip itself was made of horn.
The scabbard is made of hand dyed, vegetable tanned leather and has a brass locating band.

Details of the scabbard:
Blade material: steel
Material of the handle: horn and brass
total length: approx. 47,5 cm
Blade length: approx. 34.5 cm
handle length: approx. 13 cm
Weight: approx. 640 g (approx. 720 g including sheath)

Scope of supply: 1x German disc dagger or armor crusher incl. leather sheath of the 15th century

Item numberVM003073
Category weaponry replicas
Period: Late Medieval
Color: black gold silver
Material: brass/bronze carbon steel horn
Proof of age required: The customer has to be at least 18 years old
weapon type: dagger
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