Fencing Longsword Nuremberg, Practical Blunt, SK-A
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Fencing sword from Nuremberg (Oakeshott classification is type XVIIIb), SK-A - battle ready.

This fencing sword and its sister sword Satzvey are the result of years of development by Volker Kunkel, head of the West-Coast-Institute, in cooperation and intensive exchange with various very active fencing groups like Zornhau, Stahl-auf-Stahl and other teachers.
Volker Kunkel has been teaching fencing and sword fighting to amateurs and advanced fencers for over twenty years and has brought his many years of experience to these sword developments.

This model is named after the Franconian city of Nuremberg, whose old town and castle still literally bring the Middle Ages to life.
The blade was made of spring steel, which was hardened in an oil bath and then tempered to approx. 50-52 HRC. The blade is about 5 mm thick at the center ridge and has a rounded, relatively wide point so that it can be used in tournaments.
The blade edges are about 2 - 2.5 mm thick. Besides the smith mark in the blade, the sword is also marked by the WCI stamp in the guard.
Each sword was handcrafted, yet the swords differ in weight, dimensions, guidance and contact behavior.

Details Fencing Sword Nuremberg:
- Show fighting quality class: SK-A
- Blade material: spring steel, heat treated
- Rockwell hardness of the blade: approx. 50 - 52 HRC
- Handle material: steel guard and pommel, wooden handle with leather wrapping
- Total length: approx. 130 cm
- Blade length: approx. 90,5
- Blade thickness: approx. 5 mm (at the center burr)
- Center of gravity: approx. 7 cm in front of the guard
- Weight: approx. 1,6 kg


Show fight class A (SK-A)

The blades are made of high-quality steels, excellently balanced and carefully hardened to a high degree of hardness. These sabers are especially suitable for professionals who regularly practice the show fighting hobby and value good quality.

- Hardness grade of the blade: At least 50 HRC
- Blade material goes all the way through to the hinge and is riveted or screwed to the pommel for interchangeable blades, such as Tinker swords
- Light and very handy with a very well balanced centre of gravity
- mostly additionally rounded cutting edge and rounded tip
- Warranty for material defects beyond the legal period, if applicable

Armour Class is one of the most renowned sword manufacturers in Great Britain. Due to the time-consuming manual work the number of pieces is very limited. Waiting times of six months or longer are not uncommon. With us these swords are usually available. So there is no waiting time.

General warranty notice for swords
Our display weapons are subject to the legal warranty of two years like all other goods. However, it should be noted that the burden of proof of defects (eg material defects), which were already present at the time of purchase and have not been claimed within 6 months, lies with the customer. Complaints after 6 months are therefore often difficult and unfortunate for both sides. A show sword is by its very nature a wear and tear item. Even the best and most expensive show sword will become chipped after heavy use, the guard can become wobbly and the handle loose.  This is normal, because strong forces act on the material. There may even be the unlikely case of these blades breaking when they are already weakened by quite a few and deep nicks. These are therefore usually not justified reasons for complaint but normal wear and tear. A used show sword shows signs of use after use.

Item numberVM003785
Category weaponry replicas
Period: Late Medieval
Color: brown silver
Material: leather carbon steel
Proof of age required: The customer has to be at least 18 years old
weapon type: sword
Verwendungsklasse: show fighting
Shipping weight:1,60 Kg