Celtic Seasons Herbal Blend Set
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Festival of the Circle of the Year Ritual Set

The Celts divided their year into 8 parts, each consisting of 4 sun days and 4 moon days, and celebrated the specific days in a big way. They did not perceive time in a linear way, as we do today, but saw time as a circle. The festivals of the Celts were very intense and full of joy and at the same time they showed their respect for nature.
The herbal blends included are meant to recreate the 8 festivals and strengthen our connection to nature and the cosmos and to honour with respect all that sustains and surrounds us every day. 
With this incense set we would like to give you a piece of the Celtic time and its sun and moon festivals.

Contents of the set:
·36-page book with detailed description of the 8 festivals, incenses and rituals.
·8 incenses (20 ml jars each):
     ?Samhain (Celtic beginning of the year).
     ?Jule (Christmas)
     ?Imbolc (Birth of Light)
     ?Osatra (Easter)
     ?Beltane (Walpurgis Night)
     ?Litha (Midsummer)
     ?Lughnasadh (beginning of the harvest season)
     ?Mabon (harvest Festival)


·1 Incense burner made of clay

·1 Wooden coaster for the vessel; with flower of life motif

·1 packet of incense sand (approx. 80 g) for insulation

·10 incense coals Ø 3,3 cm

·1 pair of stainless steel tongs for the charcoal

·1 packet of matches

Item numberVM003165
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