Black Tournament Armor, Marto
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Black Tournament Armor, Marto

The origin of armour goes back to Egyptian times and has developed with the Greeks and Romans. The best known armour consists of several steel or iron plates, which were connected with hooks, nuts and nails and adapted to the wearer by means of leather straps and buckles.
It was first used for equestrian sports in the 14th century and finally reached its perfection in the 15th century.
In the middle of the 16th century the armour was transformed into a garment for warriors, which was decorated with rich ornaments and engravings.
When in the 17th century firearms were perfected, plate armour declined more and more until finally in the 18th century it was used only as an ornament in castles, palaces, museums and all those places where they wanted to incorporate a beautiful historical memory.

In the royal armoury in Madrid, one of the biggest and richest armour collections of the world is kept. It contains mainly pieces from Carlos I.
Marto was very much inspired by the armours of Carlos I and reproduced them in different sizes, the materials he used being very similar to the originals:
Handcrafted iron and steel, combined with imitations of fabrics of the respective epochs, arranged on a wooden pedestal. Even then, they were built as stainless as possible.

Height: approx. 200 cm
Weight: approx. 50 kg
Included: Quality certificate
Included: wooden platform
Included: Lance and shield

Scope of supply: 1x Black Tournament Armor, Marto

Item numberVM002751
Category Armour & Shield
Color: black
Armour item: plate armour
Verwendungsklasse: decorative
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