Bascinet Helmet with BTW Aventail, 2 mm steel - battle ready
Art.Nr.: VM002640
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Bascinet Helmet made of 2mm thick steel with aventail - battle ready

This Bascinet Helmet developed in the early 14th to 15th century from the cerebral bonnet and was common until the 15th century.

The hood was made of 2mm thick steel.
The aventail consists of unriveted round rings of spring steel, which are 1.6mm thick and have an inner diameter of 8mm. The braid is 4 in 1.
The aventail is placed with the leather hem over the eyelet pins on the edge of the pool cover and fastened with a leather cord.

For the attachment on the head the hood is equipped with a firmly padded inlay inside, which can be individually adjusted to the head.

Details Bascinet Helmet:
Material helmet: steel, approx. 2 mm
Material chain-bell: spring steel, Ø 8mm

Scope of supply: 1x pool cover made of 2mm thick steel with chain fountain - battle ready


Item numberVM002640
Category Armour & Shield
Period: High Medieval
Material: carbon steel
Clothing type: head wear
Armour item: helmet
Shipping weight:4,70 Kg